My goal was always to help my mother feel in charge

My friend Alyson Kuhn is co-author of the book I Hear You, about talking and listening to people with Alzheimer’s.  Alyson and her co-author, gerontologist Jane Mahakian, provide great insights about how to avoid “talking down” to someone living with dementia.
There is no greater gift to a person than conversing with love and respect. In today's video, Alyson presents a “social solution” to entice her mother to eat lunch.

I say it over and over again: There's no one more important than the caregiver in the daily life of a frail person.
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PS: Did you know that YouTube offers subtitles/closed captions for their videos? Look for the CC icon at the bottom bar to activate the captions.
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  1. I ordered the book. She was a wonderful speaker and teacher. I LOVED her examples. If only we could get this out to an even larger audience. But you are doing your part to make this happen Warren and I am grateful.

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