My Goal in 2024

I’m taking a big step and want to tell you about it. My 2024 goal is to finish a book about how to care for frail older people. It will be from a geriatrician’s perspective. One year from now a book will be available online and in print. Why do I have this goal? More than 10,000 babies are born daily in the United States. At the same time more than 10,000 people turn 65 per day. Many seniors eventually become frail. It’s easy to find 100 books about how to take care of children. […]

Can Frailty be Delayed?

Advances in healthcare have resulted in longer lives. But will living longer mean an extended period of weakness and frailty?  Can frailty be delayed? The answer is YES. Without a doubt, it’s possible to delay frailty. “Blue Zones” refers to a concept developed by Dan Buettner and National Geographic. It identifies regions around the world where people live significantly longer, better lives. One such location is Loma Linda, California where life expectancy exceeds 90 years. People who live in Blue Zones live longer, higher quality, lives with a delayed onset of frailty. Blue Zones describes 9 […]

Why did my patient have a Subdural Hematoma?

Last week I was busy taking care of some patients. I reviewed the chart on a patient who recently had some falls and bleeding in the brain. She had a “subdural hematoma”. What is a Subdural Hematoma? Subdural hematoma is a medical term for bleeding between the brain and the skull. The bleeding can be a small or large amount and is easily seen on CT scan of the brain. The bleeding is due to bursting of veins on the surface of the brain. This is usually related to an injury to the head although […]