I don’t think I can do this-Teepa responds

Teepa Snow is founder of Positive Approach to Care®. In our last post Teepa shared a bit about herself.
Starting as a little girl, she has become a dementia care expert and champion. We can't all be like Teepa.  In this video, Dr. Warren asks for her advice when caregiving is daunting.

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PS: I say it over and over again: There's no one more important than the caregiver in the daily life of a frail person.

3 Important No-no’s | Talking to a Person with Dementia /Alzheimer’s Disease

Dad has Alzheimer’s disease. You are a loyal daughter (Jill) who visits often and brings his favorite foods. On one visit, Dad has a big smile when he sees you. “Hi Mary” “Dad, I’m NOT Mary. (Mary is your older sister.)  What’s my name?” “Oh, gosh. Where’s Mary?” “Dad, I’m Jill!! Why do you always ask about Mary? Are you trying to get on my nerves?”