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Moving on

I am taking a step forward. The Corona virus pandemic, which started in December of 2019, has resulted in more than 3.8 million deaths worldwide. Covid-19 can still bring chaos back into our lives but, fortunately, full vaccination has resulted in a strong level of protection. It’s time to move forward. I’ve decided to start a new website,, a follow-up to

How did the pandemic affect you?

Covid-19 impacted each of us differently but with some combination of emotional turmoil, physical exhaustion, isolation, financial pain, and grief.  Among my family, friends, and patients, Illness and death occurred. What was your experience? In a way, the world stood still as many normal activities went away. I saw patients via camera, I stayed at home.


My instinct was to provide support for caregivers with the website.

What’s next in our lives?

Each of us will do this at our own pace but it is very important for us to move forward. What is next for you? Whatever we do, we must all strive to make it good.

What is the goal of

My aspiration, as a geriatrician, is to connect with and support seniors and caregivers by creating content that you will find valuable.

My goals are:

to share a geriatrician’s curiosity and perspective on medical news. There are many developments in dementia such as the new medication, Aduhelm.

Another interesting area, especially in view of Covid-19, is the connection between loneliness and subsequent cognitive impairment. What might be the scientific basis?

to support patients and caregivers. The pandemic made it clearer than ever: There is no one more important to the older frail patient than the caregiver. How caregivers made it through the last year is hard to believe yet very little help was given. I want to continue supporting both patients and caregivers by providing

a. emotional support.

b. a sense of connection and community and

c. practical resources and expertise.

I welcome your questions and comments.

to embrace active aging. This is personal to me. What is the road each of us takes as we make the shift to seniorhood? How do we baby boomers thrive as seniors? The same heart that was beating for each of us in our childhoods is beating for us now. What does it beat for? The structure of our lives has evolved. How do we continue to grow, thrive, and seek fulfillment?

Click on this link for my PDF  covid-a-year-in-review about the thoughts that ran through


Please stay tuned.

Dr. Warren

PS. I’m here to support you. Be connected, stay strong.


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