How do I Find a Good Geriatrician?

“How do I find a good geriatrician?” is a question I am asked all the time now. That wasn’t true 30 years ago when I went into Geriatrics. The more common question then was “Isn’t Geriatrics depressing?”

Geriatric Medicine is not the most glamorous specialty.  On the other hand, geriatricians have the highest career satisfaction of all specialties. (See the PDF below.) I would like to tell you why I would do the same thing all over again.


How many doctors in the US are currently studying to be geriatricians?

Data released in September 2021 indicate that there are 253 doctors studying to be geriatricians. There are 9098 doctors studying to be pediatricians. From 2015-2030, the U.S. population that is over 65 years of age is expected to increase by 48%, while the 18-and-under age group will grow by a comparatively small 3.5%.

(see PDF’s about supply of geriatricians)

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PDF's with additional information:

Current Number of Board Certified Geriatricians by State

Physician career satisfaction within specialties

Geriatrics Workforce by the Numbers

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