After a Fall-Handle with Care

Finding a frail older person on the floor is stressful and chaotic. In this post, I provide some guidelines about what to do after a fall. Manage falls carefully. There can be major injury even if pain is not severe. Falls can also be due to a new medical problem. The most important points are: Step by Step Care After a Fall Call 911immediately for emergencies. Even for non-emergencies, do a 5-minute assessment before moving the person. Move the person into a sitting position if she/he appears stable. Provide follow-up care. Prevent future falls. Be […]

Don’t worry, Mrs Wong, I’m getting a hold of your son now

I’m on a mission to have my mother use a medical alert device. It won’t be easy, but she needs one. Firstly, she has had several falls. The single highest predictor of a fall in an older adult is a history of a fall in the previous year. Secondly, she didn’t pass the Timed Up and Go (TUG) Assessment. Lastly, she is home alone for many hours a day. If she falls at home, she could be on the floor for hours. Some people are good candidates for a “wearable” medical alert device, some people […]

Teepa Snow

Teepa Snow is a dementia care expert and founder of Positive Approach® to Care (PAC). She is well known for her GEMS® Brain Change Model.

Dr. Warren had the opportunity to chat with Teepa. In this first video post, she talks about getting to know the person who now has a diagnosis of dementia. Although the diagnosis can't be changed, it's important to take a positive approach.


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PS: I say it over and over again: There's no one more important than the caregiver in the daily life of a frail person.