Healthcare for Seniors isn’t Good Enough

Healthcare for seniors isn’t good enough. This website is my small voice for change.

In a previous post I talked a little bit about my roots. I wasn’t sure that was a good thing to talk about but I received a message from my good friend and mentor, Cora. She said:

“You are true to the values you were raised with.”

This encourages me to share another short video. It’s about what shaped me and the path I took. 50 years later I’m still on that path: Make healthcare better.



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COVID-19 in the Months and Years Ahead

Most of us are sick and tired of COVID-19 and want it to go away. Earlier this year we were hopeful that things would get back to normal. But the virus has changed and is causing more problems. Physicians I know are seeing many younger patients in hospital beds. Nurses are bone tired and working double and triple shifts. What does this mean for frail older patients in the months ahead? 1. Will a booster vaccine be recommended? It has recently been announced that immunocompromised patients need a booster vaccination. This is likely to become […]