“Doing Good” What Services Does a Caregiver Need

Melanie became a caregiver “all of a sudden”.  It started two years ago when her tech savvy husband couldn’t use the TV remote control. At 77, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. Things have changed dramatically since then. Now, much of what he says doesn’t make any sense. In addition, he fractured his hip and is unsteady on his feet.  He can’t be left alone.  It has been a huge adjustment for Melanie. She was desperately looking for hired help at home and found a person who was compassionate, skilled, and dedicated.  She was thrilled. […]

My Goal in 2024

I’m taking a big step and want to tell you about it. My 2024 goal is to finish a book about how to care for frail older people. It will be from a geriatrician’s perspective. One year from now a book will be available online and in print. Why do I have this goal? More than 10,000 babies are born daily in the United States. At the same time more than 10,000 people turn 65 per day. Many seniors eventually become frail. It’s easy to find 100 books about how to take care of children. […]

2023: The Year in Caregiving

1. Home and community-based healthcare are definitely coming to the forefront Most care of frail older adults happens in the home and community. Up to now, the healthcare system has not acknowledged this reality. Healthcare has been based in the clinic, hospital, and nursing facilities. The result has been intense care in those settings and few services in the home. Caregivers receive little support. We are now at a turning point. The importance of home and community-based services is finally being recognized. Providing more healthcare in the home setting is good news for frail older […]