What does “doing good” mean for a frail older person?

Four decades ago, I finished my training in internal medicine. My first real life “job” was working at On Lok in San Francisco Chinatown. On Lok focuses on providing healthcare to frail older patients. There is an emphasis on home and community-based services. Daycare services and medical transport are included. On Lok was the original site of the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE). The above picture was taken at On Lok. I’m sitting with a 100-year-old patient. She would always walk up to me, show me her watch, and ask me what […]

Can Frailty be Delayed?

Advances in healthcare have resulted in longer lives. But will living longer mean an extended period of weakness and frailty?  Can frailty be delayed? The answer is YES. Without a doubt, it’s possible to delay frailty. “Blue Zones” refers to a concept developed by Dan Buettner and National Geographic. It identifies regions around the world where people live significantly longer, better lives. One such location is Loma Linda, California where life expectancy exceeds 90 years. People who live in Blue Zones live longer, higher quality, lives with a delayed onset of frailty. Blue Zones describes 9 […]