Will we all become frail as we age?

Almost half of the people born in 1940 are still alive today. They are over 80 years old. For people who were born in 1950 or later, more than 70% are expected to live past the age of 80. What will life be like for these people? Is 80 the new 70? Or will living longer mean an extended period of weakness and frailty? It is true that frailty can be delayed. However, it is more controversial whether this has happened. Some people will live with extended periods of frailty. Why do some people become […]

Frailty – A Major Turning Point in Life

“I recently went to my 50th reunion. A bunch of old people showed up. They looked like the grandparents of the people I knew in high school. It was freaky. The school athletes are now anything but athletes. They looked overweight and out of shape. Some even had problems walking.” Have you ever been to a high school reunion? Everyone is roughly the same age, but some people seem to “age” sooner and more rapidly than others. As the years go by, some of these classmates will become frail while others will not. Will we […]