About GeriatricswithAloha.com

Written by a Geriatrician

What is a Geriatrician?

A physician who specializes in the care of frail and elderly patients.  We emphasize what matters most to older patients and their caregivers.  Dementia/Alzheimer’s care is an area of special knowledge. For more information, pls visit: https://www.americangeriatrics.org/geriatrics-profession/about-geriatrics

How can GeriatricswithAloha.com be useful to you?

Your time and attention are valuable. To earn your interest and support, I’ll work extra hard on being heartfelt,  informative, and entertaining. Reading this website will be of value If you:

  • want easy access to a clear and short explanation of medical news pertinent to seniors.
  • are a caregiver and would like some emotional support, a community and some simple tips.
  • are a baby boomer and want to make the most of this part of your life.

Why am I starting this website?

When I retired after more than thirty years of working as a geriatrician, I distinctly remember what the retirement coordinator said to me: Half of all doctors have a clear idea about what they want to do after retirement. The other half has no idea.

I was part of the other half. After decades of interacting with many patients and staff every single day, I was lost and alone.  This impacted me so severely that I started seeing patients again.

This website is one of several things that I cannot “not do”.  I still feel that improving care of older adults is a big part of who I am and what I’m here on earth for.  This chapter in my life carries both a risk of not accomplishing much and an opportunity for fulfillment.

During my career I had two jobs. One was doing the work. The second job was improving the way work was done. The second job was by far the harder. Many things weren’t accomplished, many dreams didn’t come true.  Retirement comes with fewer rules about what I’m required to do, and a new freedom to do what I want to do. It also comes with uncertainty, twists and turns, and an unclear time frame.

About me

I was born in San Francisco Chinatown, the son of two immigrants from China. It’s easy to say that I went from college to medical school to a career as a doctor. Knowing what I’m doing now requires digging a little deeper into what makes me tick. Here’s a short video that describes my experience as a Chinese American.