Aloha and Welcome

Dr. Warren Wong

My name is Dr. Warren Wong. I have practiced Geriatric Medicine in Hawaii throughout my career. In the spirit of Aloha, I have created this website to provide clear and practical information to active seniors, caregivers, and patients.

These are the types of questions I have been asked throughout my career:

  • When is it important to call the doctor?
  • We’re living longer, how do we make life great?
  • How do you make caregiving more enjoyable and less stressful?

If you had very mild Alzheimer’s Disease, would you want to try the new medication, Aduhelm? Would you later regret it? Will there be a vaccine to prevent against Alzheimer’s Disease?

During my career, being a geriatrician was both fun and frustrating. The frustrating part was a healthcare system that did not meet the needs of frail patients. Going to the doctor’s office can take all day and be exhausting. The visit is once every few months or less and the visit is short.

There is a big gap between a visit to the doctor’s office and the day to day lives of elderly patients. Caregivers play the most important role in maintaining a frail patient’s health and quality of life.  My ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between caregivers and healthcare.  This website is a step in that direction. I’m here to support and empower the caregiver.

My posts will give a geriatrician’s perspective on these questions. I will also describe challenges patients and families have had to face and the advice I gave. Sometimes things turned out well, sometimes poorly. I also look forward to your thoughts, questions, and comments.

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What is Geriatric Medicine?

Geriatric Medicine is the specialty of caring for seniors. Geriatricians work especially closely with frail elderly patients and those who have dementia. We see things in a very distinct way.

Providing the best care possible requires more than understanding diseases and age. It is about knowing what matters most to the patient. It is also about understanding the world in which the patient and caregiver live.

Just as pediatricians emphasize developmental status, geriatricians emphasize functional status. We get a clear picture of the patient’s health when we know what a patient can do.

We also realize the importance of supporting the caregiver. Caregivers, not medicines, make the biggest difference in a frail patient’s life. Most of the care of a frail patient is at home, not in the doctor’s office.

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Dr. Warren created Covid19Caregiving.Com to provide help and support to caregivers dealing with the unprecedented challenges brought about by the Covid-19 epidemic. In addition to posts dealing specifically with Covid-19 related matters, the site also offers videos and posts with useful tips and information about caregiving and active living.